Current Legislator Tenure Rankings (End of June 2015)

Since 1849, a total of 4,416 people have served in the California State Legislature. So how do the current 120 legislators rank in terms of tenure? In June, Senator Jim Nielsen (with 18.5 years of legislative service) moved up to become the 119th longest serving California legislator in state history, passing Don A. Allen. Also […]

Handwriting Analysis: California Legislators

Having recently read a couple articles on handwriting analysis (like this one, this one, and this one), I was pleasantly surprised to see the recent release of a February 19th letter from several state legislators to the Franchise Tax Board that included the signatures of most of the new class of legislators. As you take […]

Senator Nielsen Sworn Into Office, Becomes Dean of the Legislature

On January 10th, Jim Nielsen returned to the State Senate after a 22-year absence. Senator Nielsen, now starting his 17th year in the State Legislature, is the Dean of both the Senate and the Legislature as a whole. The next highest in legislative tenure are Senators Corbett, Correa, Steinberg, Wyland, and Assemblyman (former Senator) Chesbro […]