Legislator Numbers

So, how many members of the Assembly and Senate have there been? Ever?

As of Monday at noon, the “1849 to Present” totals for the two houses stand at;

  • 1,144 State Senators
  • 3,712 Assemblymembers


The newest members of each house (ranking each first by date of election and second by district number) are;

State Senate

Legislator State Senator #
Galgiani, Cathleen 1136
Hill, Jerry 1137
Beall, Jim 1138
Monning, Bill 1139
Jackson, Hannah-Beth 1140
Knight, Steve 1141
Roth, Richard 1142
Lara, Ricardo 1143
Block, Marty 1144


State Assembly

Legislator Assemblymember #
Dahle, Brian D. 3675
Bigelow, Frank 3676
Cooley, Ken 3677
Levine, Marc 3678
Frazier Jr., James L. 3679
Eggman, Susan 3680
Bonta, Rob 3681
Ting, Phil 3682
Quirk, Bill 3683
Gray, Adam 3684
Mullin, Kevin 3685
Patterson, Jim 3686
Stone, Mark 3687
Salas, Rudy 3688
Fox, Steve
Smith, Ron
Wilk, Scott 3690
Bocanegra, Paul 3691
Holden, Chris 3692
Nazarian, Adrin 3693
Brown, Cheryl R. 3694
Chau, Edwin 3695
Bloom, Richard 3696
Gomez, Jimmy 3697
Calderon, Ian 3698
Garcia, Cristina 3699
Jones-Sawyer Sr., Reginald 3700
Linder, Eric 3701
Medina, Jose 3702
Rendon, Anthony 3703
Quirk-Silva, Sharon 3704
Muratsuchi, Albert 3705
Melendez, Melissa 3706
Daly, Tom 3707
Allen, Travis 3708
Waldron, Marie 3709
Chavez, Rocky J. 3710
Maienschein, Brian 3711
Weber, Shirley 3712

Updated 12/2 @ 8:00pm: Updated to reflect Smith/Fox lead change.

The End for Butler

Assemblywoman Betsy Butler at an event promoting aerospace jobs in California (April 2012).

Assemblywoman Betsy Butler

An unusually close Primary election was the first big indicator of a tough reelection for Assemblywoman Betsy Butler. Even then, it seemed unlikely that she would be defeated by a fellow Democrat; these things just don’t happen very often.

But, as the latest votes were counted on Monday, Butler continued to slip farther behind challenger Richard Bloom. The vote count as of Monday morning put Bloom ahead with a 430-vote lead, which grew to 888 this evening.

Nothing is impossible (it took Juan Vargas 18 days to gain the narrow lead in 2010’s tough primary in SD-40 that eventually led him to victory) but we are now 20 days past the election and Butler’s chances of turning this race around appear to have finally ended.

JoinCalifornia Updates

Two updates to JoinCalifornia.com tonight;

  • SD-05
    The results for the State Senate District 5 race were updated from Undecided to a win for Cathleen Galgiani and a loss for Bill Berryhill.
    LINK: Sac Bee Article
  • AD-50
    The results for the State Assembly District 50 race were updated from win for Richard Bloom and a loss for Betsy Butler to Undecided. The change was made because the vote count has been closing for some time and Butler is now within 100 votes of Bloom.
    LINK: Secretary of State’s AD-50 Results page

That’s it for now.