Historic Election Results

Some statistics from last night’s elections: Biggest Incoming Assembly Class in a Two Generations. The most recent vote counts indicate that the Class of 2013 will include 37 new Assemblymembers. That’s a lot. The last time we saw more was back in 1935 (when 39 new Assemblymembers arrived). It’s also the largest incoming class (Senate […]

La Malfa Vacancy: Nielsen wins Special Election

With Jim Nielsen receiving just over 50% of the vote, the Special Election to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of State Senator Doug La Malfa has been filled. Nielsen will have the option of being sworn in as early as December. Senator La Malfa had resigned on September 1st, at the end of the […]

Women of the Year

One of the interesting trends in the election this year was that four former Assembly “Women of the Year” were running for the Assembly themselves. It wouldn’t be the first time that a Woman of the Year has been elected to the Legislature; seven women have won legislative seats after being honored at the Women […]