Redistricting. The Impact on Senate Representation

Another result of redistricting… Because only the odd-numbered Senate districts will be up for election in 2012, the 2013-14 will see a combination of Senators representing both old and new districts. Those elected in 2010 (even-numbered districts) will continue to represent the districts that elected them. Those elected in 2012 (odd-numbered districts) will be representing […]

New Party Attempting to Qualify

The California Secretary of State has informed the county clerks and registrars of voters that a new party political party is attempting to qualify for the 2012 Primary ballot. The counties now have 30 days to determine the percentage of valid signatures by verifying either 500 signatures OR three percent of the the total signatures […]

State Legislative Primary Candidate Report (9/14/2011)

The current count for state legislative candidates being tracked for the 2012 Primary is; TOTAL: 219 Legislators: 83 Curent Legislators (38%), 18 Former Legislators (8%), 118 Non-Legislators (54%) Previous Candidates*: 117 have JoinCalifornia biographies (53%), 102 do not (47%) Parties: 135 Democrats (62%), 79 Republicans (36%), 4 No Party Preference (2%), 1 Green (0%)   […]