Redistricting. The Impact on Senate Representation

2013-14 Senate Districts.

Another result of redistricting…

Because only the odd-numbered Senate districts will be up for election in 2012, the 2013-14 will see a combination of Senators representing both old and new districts. Those elected in 2010 (even-numbered districts) will continue to represent the districts that elected them. Those elected in 2012 (odd-numbered districts) will be representing the new maps drawn by either the Citizens Redistricting Commission (or a Special Master appointed by the California Supreme Court should the referendum qualify).

During the 2013-14 Legislative Session, the northern counties of Siskiyou and Shasta will be represented by two State Senators (Ted Gaines represents the 2011-drawn SD-01 and Doug La Malfa representing the 2001-drawn SD-04). Farther south, all of Mono County and large portions of Marin and Riverside County will fall outside of both the 2001 even districts and the 2011 odd districts.

In the map to the right, areas shaded with horizontal lines indicate odd-numbered districts (elected 2012) while vertical lines show areas in even-numbered districts (using the old 2001 Senate Districts. Blank areas (shown in white) will not fall into any Senator’s district in 2013-14, while areas with both horizontal and vertical lines (outlined in black) will be represented by two Senators.

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