Dilworth Video

An introduction to the story of State Senator Nelson Dilworth and the amazing collection of documents that he saved for future generations.

NEW BOOK: California Lawmaker 2021

From confrontations in the tense years before the Civil War to the recent work to help the state through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, California’s legislature and the people who have served in it have an amazing and rich history. Updated through the start of the legislature’s 94th session (2021-22 Regular Session), “California Lawmaker” is a comprehensive and thought-provoking resource for Capitol regulars, students of history, and anyone interested in what’s happening in Sacramento.

Detangling the Senators Tyrrell

Sometimes, you run into elected officials with similar names

The two were State Senator John G. Tyrrell (a Republican elected to his one and only term in 1900) and State Senator John R. Tyrrell (a Republican elected to his one and only term in 1900). You see where this confusing?