2016: Tough Year for Minor Parties

2014 was a tough year for California’s minor parties and 2016 is looking even more challenging. Looking at the number of minor party (also called “third party”) candidates who made it onto the General Election ballot, we can see that (excluding statewide offices and the BOE) the numbers have been falling fast. In 2000, there were 124 […]

Politics on Tap – Episode 82

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to join host John Howard and Adam Gottlieb on Capitol Weekly’s Politics on Tap. Adam brought a great collection of campaign ephemera, including some century-old items, and shared his love of political history. I was able to share some of the better stories that have come up through my […]

California’s Newest Almost-A-Political Party

Even many of those who follow California politics most closely may not have heard about the new and unique political party which may have enough registered voters to become ballot-qualified, but is being held up on a technicality. An article in the November edition of Ballot Access News, “California Secretary of State Refuses to Tally Independent Party […]