Bob Huff and The Parable of Someone Else’s Car

This is a short article that is a little bit about Senator Bob Huff, but mostly not. I don’t write about every legislator but had been thinking about the soon-to-depart members who will be leaving office in the next few weeks. This evening, I saw a note on Facebook by a friend who thanked his boss, Senator Bob Huff […]

My 54 Hours As a Candidate

For more than a decade, I’ve enjoyed being an observer of California politics, reading history books and interviewing legislators. During that time, I never thought I’d run for political office. For me, it was hard enough to watch brutal elections where candidates gambled everything; missing anniversary dinners, kids birthdays, and even mortgaging their houses to fill campaign accounts. On Monday, […]

Vote Lead Changes

Congressional District 12 On June 21st, fifteen days after the Primary, Preston Picus pulled ahead of Bob Miller to face Nancy Pelosi in CD-12. On election night, with 100% of precincts reporting, Miller led Picus by 1,351 votes. A week later, on June 14th, that lead had slimmed to 472 votes. By that Friday, June 17th, Miller led Picus by mere 46 votes. As of June […]