Close Contest Update

Changes in Close 2nd Place Finishes (as of 6/10/16 at 4:55 PM)

Expanding Lead
CD-53    Veltmeyer trails Ash by 126 143 votes.
CD-21    Huer trails Parra by 467 599.
AD-68    Choi trails Sidhu by 529 608.
CD-32    Hernández trails Fisher by 222 741 votes.
AD-26    Mendoza trails Macareno by 583 767.
AD-55    Spence trails Chen by 673 803 816.
AD-10    Jacobi trails Allen by 597 809.
CD-08    Donnelly trails Rita Ramirez (2nd place) by 926 990.
AD-12    Madueno trails Flora by 416 1078.
AD-24    Ohtaki trails Veenker by 1,223 1,789.
CD-24    Katcho trails Fareed by 2,357 3,020.

Closing Lead
CD-46    Nguyen trails Peterson by 499 236.
CD-37    Hasan trails Wiggins by 917 802.
CD-12    Picus trails Miller by 1,351 996 votes.
AD-48   Urias trails Rubio by 980 votes.

CD-29    Alarcon now leads Shammas by 1,315 votes


Updated June 11 at 2:55 PM to reflect late changes after 6 PM Friday night.

Close 2nd Place Finishes

Under the Top Two Primary, it’s the battle between 2nd and 3rd place that is usually the most closely-watched. Here are the 11 races where 2nd and 3rd place are separated by fewer than 1000 votes.

Close 2nd Place Finishes (as of 6/10/16 at 7:22 AM)

CD-53    Veltmeyer trails Ash by 126 votes.
CD-32    Hernández trails Fisher by 222.
AD-12    Madueno trails Flora by 416.
CD-21    Huer trails Parra by 467.
CD-46    Nguyen trails Peterson by 499. Joe Dunn is 816 back from there.
AD-68    Choi trails Sidhu by 529.
AD-26    Mendoza trails Macareno by 583.
AD-10    Jacobi trails Allen by 597.
AD-55    Spence trails Chen by 673.
CD-37    Hasan trails Wiggins by 917.
CD-08    Donnelly trails Rita Ramirez (2nd place) by 926 votes.

Other close races:

AD-24    Ohtaki trails Veenker by 1,223 votes.
CD-12    Picus trails Miller by 1,351 votes.
CD-24    Katcho trails Fareed by 2,357.

2016: Tough Year for Minor Parties

2014 was a tough year for California’s minor parties and 2016 is looking even more challenging.

Looking at the number of minor party (also called “third party”) candidates who made it onto the General Election ballot, we can see that (excluding statewide offices and the BOE) the numbers have been falling fast. In 2000, there were 124 minor party candidates on the November ballot. It dropped to 101 in 2002, then into the nineties and continued to fall from there.

In 2010, the last year before the arrival of the new Top Two primary, there were 77 minor party candidates (45 were Libertarians). The following cycle, the number had fallen to 3 (all from the Peace and Freedom Party). In 2014, the number held at 3 (Libertarian Patrick D. Hogan, American Independent George R. Williams, and Peace & Freedom’s Adam Shbeita).

So far in the 2016 cycle, no minor party candidates have qualified for the General Election (most of these candidates will be determined in the June primary). But we can see that the number of minor party candidates who filed has dropped severely, with the Libertarians running seven candidates and one each from the Greens, AIP and Peace & Freedom.



  • Congress: 75
  • State Senate: 40
  • State Assembly: 118


  • Congress: 86
  • State Senate: 25
  • State Assembly: 96


  • Congress: 0
  • State Senate: 0
  • State Assembly: 1


  • Congress: 1
  • State Senate: 0
  • State Assembly: 0


  • Congress: 2
  • State Senate: 1
  • State Assembly: 4

No Party Preference

  • Congress: 17
  • State Senate: 0
  • State Assembly: 7

Peace and Freedom

  • Congress: 1
  • State Senate: 0
  • State Assembly: 0