A Title Lost: California’s Legislative Historian

Associate Governmental Program Analyst. Agricultural Technician III. Data Processing Manager. Most job titles in California State Government are formulaic series of words that, while useful in understanding the duties of the position, are so wickedly unimaginative that you have to wonder if they were created by a committee. Yes, in fact, they were. But sometimes, […]

Politics on Tap – Episode 82

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to join host John Howard and Adam Gottlieb on Capitol Weekly’s Politics on Tap. Adam brought a great collection of campaign ephemera, including some century-old items, and shared his love of political history. I was able to share some of the better stories that have come up through my […]

Perea Resignation Letter

Over the weekend, the Assembly Daily Journal for January 4th went online, which gave the public its first view of Assemblyman Henry T. Perea‘s month-old resignation letter. The letter was addressed to the Assembly Speaker. At 160 words, this is the longest resignation letter since Holly Mitchell resigned from the Assembly in 2013. Perea used […]