Legislator Age Statistics

Of the 800+ California state legislators elected to their first terms since 1950, here are some age-related statistics. The big takeaways are… Sebastian Ridley-Thomas was the second-youngest member in 60 years. When Ian Calderon was elected, he was the youngest member since Tom McClintock in 1982. Cindy Montañez was the youngest modern woman to serve […]

NEW CHART: Legislators by Freshman Class

After getting introductions to two new databases for biographical research (one of which is Moose Roots, a great collection of Census records as well as birth/death records), I started a refresh of the information in JoinCalifornia.com. The refresh included, among other things, updating the list of living and deceased former California legislators. During this update, former Assemblyman Larry Chimbole (Assembly […]

Facts and Statistics 2015 Released

It started out with a simple enough question; “How many people have served in the California State Legislature?” While it seems like it would be easy enough to answer (after all, the identities of state legislators is hardly a secret), the answer took some time to find. As it turned out, the weeks it took […]