Two Ways to Measure Tenure

A follow-up to the recent post about legislator age statistics… another interesting way to look at the Legislature and the passage of time is to look at the members who had the longest legislative careers. But, as with everything else, there are multiple ways to measure “the longest legislative careers”; the easiest way to explain […]

Legislator Age Statistics

Of the 800+ California state legislators elected to their first terms since 1950, here are some age-related statistics. The big takeaways are… Sebastian Ridley-Thomas was the second-youngest member in 60 years. When Ian Calderon was elected, he was the youngest member since Tom McClintock in 1982. Cindy Montañez was the youngest modern woman to serve […]

NEW CHART: Legislators by Freshman Class

After getting introductions to two new databases for biographical research (one of which is Moose Roots, a great collection of Census records as well as birth/death records), I started a refresh of the information in The refresh included, among other things, updating the list of living and deceased former California legislators. During this update, former Assemblyman Larry Chimbole (Assembly […]