Legislators Who Were Shot: Glazer’s 2003 Shooting

On October 2003, Steve Glazer was 2003, while driving with his family in Orinda, Glazer was shot in the neck by a teenager with a high-powered pellet gun. “The .17-caliber projectile just missed his carotid artery and lodged next to his spine.” If elected to the State Senate in the May, Glazer would not be the […]

How Service in the California Legislature Ends

The most common way that a term in the Legislature ends is that that the term ends and the officeholder leaves office. But there are a handful of other options: Resignation There have been about 255 resignations since 1849, most recently in January 2015. Death 83 California Legislators have died in office, most recently in […]

Quirks of Term Limits

A quirky result of term limits; last year, John M. W. Moorlach was serving on the Orange County Board of Supervisors with Pat Bates and Janet Nguyen. Now, all three are State Senators. But Moorlach, elected four months after the others will actually term out two years earlier. Term Limits 1.0 Under California’s first term […]