Haters Gonna Haight

Last month, Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez called on the San Diego Unified School District to change the name of an elementary school named after Civil War General Robert E. Lee. In a letter, Gonzalez wrote that “Recent tragedies have revived the debate over confederate-related symbolism in our country,” and that “schools should be inclusive. If they’re named after a person, they […]

Current Legislator Tenure Rankings (End of June 2015)

Since 1849, a total of 4,416 people have served in the California State Legislature. So how do the current 120 legislators rank in terms of tenure? In June, Senator Jim Nielsen (with 18.5 years of legislative service) moved up to become the 119th longest serving California legislator in state history, passing Don A. Allen. Also […]

“Full House” Drought Ends

Something interesting happened at the Capitol on June 1st that went completely unnoticed; all the legislators showed up. All hundred and twenty. Exciting, right? That might not sound like a notable event (that is their job, isn’t it?) but in fact, it had been quite a while… nearly eight full years. This “Full House” drought, […]