Current Legislator Tenure Rankings (End of June 2015)

Since 1849, a total of 4,416 people have served in the California State Legislature. So how do the current 120 legislators rank in terms of tenure? In June, Senator Jim Nielsen (with 18.5 years of legislative service) moved up to become the 119th longest serving California legislator in state history, passing Don A. Allen. Also […]

Quirks of Term Limits

A quirky result of term limits; last year, John M. W. Moorlach was serving on the Orange County Board of Supervisors with Pat Bates and Janet Nguyen. Now, all three are State Senators. But Moorlach, elected four months after the others will actually term out two years earlier. Term Limits 1.0 Under California’s first term […]

Assemblyman Bill Brophy: A Busy 12 Months

Over the past few months, when I heard people talking about incoming Assemblyman Bill Brough (R-Orange County), I thought they had meant Assemblyman Bill Brophy (R-Los Angeles), who remains one of the great cautionary tales of the Legislature. Brough seems like a nice enough guy (married, two kids, military service, and local government experience) so […]