Shannon Grove’s Appeal to Heaven

Although public prayer by candidates and elected officials is nothing new, Assemblywoman Shannon Grove‘s plea to God (posted on Facebook this morning) was unlike any other that I can remember seeing before. Specifically,Grove declared, “as a child of the most high God” that the names of Rob McCoy and Pedro Rios “will be called on […]

More Things to Watch on Election Night

Sorry about that folks. I spent a little more time thinking about the upcoming election and found a few more things for you to ponder on election night. Continuing the numbering from my previous post… 17.  First former Speaker Elected to the Senate in 82 Years. If Bob Hertzberg wins in SD-18, he will become […]

16 Things to Watch on Election Night

As the 2014 election wraps up, here are some statistics and historical facts to watch for when you see the results. Governor TENURE: Jerry Brown is already the longest-serving Governor in State history (his tenure surpassed Earl Warren’s in October 2013). With all other living former Governors term limited to eight years (except George Deukmejian, […]