Big Daddy’s Vacation Photos

We don’t see new pictures like this very often… these vacation photos were taken on a trip that Speaker Jesse Unruh (also known as “Big Daddy”) took to Japan.

These photos were included in a collection of items recently donated by the estate of Senator Leroy F. Greene.


Unruh inspects pearl necklaces at an oyster farm.Unruh inspects pearl necklaces at an oyster farm.

Assembly Speaker Jesse Unruh at the controls of a Shinkansen high-speed train in Japan.Big Daddy drives the Bullet Train

Jesse Unruh in JapanDinnertime!

Jesse Unruh and Leroy Greene right the light rail in JapanSenator Greene with Jesse Unruh make riding the light rail seem cool.

Jesse Unruh on a train in JapanTrain Ride!

Candid photo of Jesse Unruh on a Japanese trainTrain Ride Conversations

Jesse Unruh hails a cab.Big Daddy Hails a Cab

Jesse Unruh and Leroy Green visit a Japanese school.Senator Greene and Speaker Unruh with Japanese schoolchildren

Jesse Unruh beside a "0 Series Shinkansen" high-speed train in Japan.Embracing High-Speed Rail (or at least, leaning against it)