Bob Huff and The Parable of Someone Else’s Car

This is a short article that is a little bit about Senator Bob Huff, but mostly not. I don’t write about every legislator but had been thinking about the soon-to-depart members who will be leaving office in the next few weeks. This evening, I saw a note on Facebook by a friend who thanked his boss, Senator Bob Huff […]

The Brief Reign of Governor Tom

It won’t last long, but Tom Torlakson‘s brief term as Acting Governor next week will be one for the record books. As mentioned in a previous article, in the late 1950s, the State Assembly’s Subcommittee on Impact of Enemy Attack extended the Governor’s line of succession from just the Lieutenant Governor and Senate President Pro Tempore to […]

Vote Lead Changes

Congressional District 12 On June 21st, fifteen days after the Primary, Preston Picus pulled ahead of Bob Miller to face Nancy Pelosi in CD-12. On election night, with 100% of precincts reporting, Miller led Picus by 1,351 votes. A week later, on June 14th, that lead had slimmed to 472 votes. By that Friday, June 17th, Miller led Picus by mere 46 votes. As of June […]