A Title Lost: California’s Legislative Historian

Associate Governmental Program Analyst. Agricultural Technician III. Data Processing Manager. Most job titles in California State Government are formulaic series of words that, while useful in understanding the duties of the position, are so wickedly unimaginative that you have to wonder if they were created by a committee. Yes, in fact, they were. But sometimes, […]

California Legislative Staff Tenure

Using the Staff Salaries spreadsheet on the California State Assembly’s Salaries and Expenditures page, I was able to find some interesting statistics about staff tenure and pay in that house. Some of it was pretty surprising. Two of the more interesting data points; 58% of Assembly staff have worked there for 3 years or less. Almost 1/3 of Assembly […]

California’s Newest Almost-A-Political Party

Even many of those who follow California politics most closely may not have heard about the new and unique political party which may have enough registered voters to become ballot-qualified, but is being held up on a technicality. An article in the November edition of Ballot Access News, “California Secretary of State Refuses to Tally Independent Party […]