Correction: 2000 General Election

While checking prior election statistics, it was discovered that the 2000 General Election vote counts provided on JoinCalifornia were based on a source other than the Statement of the Vote (and included incomplete vote totals). It does not appear that the use of the incomplete data resulted in incorrect reporting of any election outcomes, although11 write-in candidates who should have appeared in the results were not previously included.

They were;

  • David McReynolds (Candidate for President; received 28 votes)
  • Rev. William M. Kenyon, Sr. (Candidate for President; received 6 votes)
  • John Emery Jones (Candidate for U.S. Senate; received 6 votes)
  • Phillip Kronzer (Candidate for CD15; received 82 votes)
  • John W. Brantuk (Candidate for CD34; received 36 votes)
  • William D. Davies (Candidate for CD36; received 395 votes)
  • Harry Merker (Candidate for CD44; received 0 votes)
  • George Swenson (Candidate for AD24; received 96 votes)
  • Fred R. Baisley (Candidate for AD56; received 0 votes)
  • Wally A. Ghamraoui (Candidate for AD79; received 0 votes)
  • Robert Edwards (Candidate for CD26; received 5 votes)

The process of correcting the data is underway and should be completed by the end of the week.

JoinCalifornia Correction

I have moved the SD-05 race between Bill Berryhill and Cathleen Galgiani back to “undecided” column on JoinCalifornia’s 2012 Election Results page.

Apparently the race has closed significantly in the last few days of counting provisional ballots.


A correction made today:

In the 1954 General Election, Louis G. Sutton received 100% of the votes (all 9,181 of them). He won, not lost, that race (as had been incorrectly reported).