1912 Election Data Errors Detected

Some errors were found last week in the 1912 General Election data.

The error, which only seems to involve the Assembly races, appears to have happened when results from the Primary Election were imported instead of the General Election data.


9/17/12 @ 8:06 pm: The error has now been corrected. The election results that required correction were the Assembly races in Districts AD-01 through AD-23.

Correction: AD-07 in 1912

A correction was made to JoinCalifornia today;

The vote counts and result of the AD-07 race in 1912 were incorrectly reported on the website. The numbers have now been updated to reflect what was found on page 300 of the 1913-15 California Blue Book;

G. O. Miller – 2479 – Lose
John H. Guill, Jr. – 3499 – Win
A.C. Mastellar – 868 – Lose
William J. Van Orsdel – 662 – Lose

A big thank you to Holly Hummelt of the Secretary of the Senate’s office for identifying the error and letting me know.


An error that was corrected this morning:

Former Assemblyman Guy Houston has three children named Bartlett, Sumner, and Glynnis Rose. JoinCalifornia had previously reported that he had four children named Bartlett, Sumner, Glynnis and Rose.

Thank you to Miss Lee for the correction.