California’s 2012 Electoral College Delegates

Felipe Fuentes has been updated to reflect the election of these 2012 Electoral College Delegates from California:

Ronald Cordova

Felipe Fuentes

Patricia W. Garamendi

Diane Watson

Steven Ray Young

Ricardo Roybal Olivarez (son of Lucille Roybal-Allard)

Janine Vivienne Bera (wife of Ami Bera)

Alisha Aguilar (wife of Pete Aguilar)

Karen Waters (daughter of Maxine Waters)

Obama wins Presidential Election

Based on polling trends in the swing states around the nation, it appears that Barack Obama has won the 2012 Presidential Election.

Election Day has arrived


Election Day is here at last.

Right around the time that most of you will be waking up and climbing out of bed, the polls will open.

Armies of campaign volunteers, poll workers, and voters will converge. History will be decided.

When casting your ballot today, assuming that you aren’t voting absentee, please give it some serious thought. Future generations are watching.