2013 Special Elections

Banner_PriceFor my California political enthusiast friends (particularly OC Political blogger Chris Nguyen), I have some good news… in this year of election milk and honey, you’ve made it through the longest gaps between elections.

We had three gaps of 62 days between elections, but fear not. In just 24 days, we will be seeing two legislative special primary elections and then (for the rest of the year) the longest you’ll have to wait for an election is 55 days.

Hey, we could always end up with an extra Special Election thrown in there just for fun.

January 1 – New Year

7 election-free days

January 8 – Senate District 4 Special General

62 election-free days

March 12 – Senate District 40 &  Senate District 32 Special Primaries

62 election-free days

May 14 – Senate District 32 Special General

6 election-free days

May 21 – Senate District 16 & Assembly District 80 Special Primaries

62 election-free days

July 23 – Assembly District 52 Special Primary & Senate District 16 Special General

55 election-free days

September 17 – Senate District 26 & Assembly District 45 Special Primaries

6 election-free days

September 24 – Assembly District 52 Special General

55 election-free days

November 19 – Assembly District 45 Special Run-off (anticipated)

41 election-free days

December 31 – Year Ends

SD32: Norma Torres wins election to Senate

Norma J. Torres

In today’s Special Election to fill the vacancy created by Senator Negrete McLeod’s departure for Congress, Norma J. Torres was easily elected to the upper house.

Although the counting of ballots is far from complete, it appears that Assemblymember Torres won in the heavily Democratic Senate District 32.

She may be sworn into the 1,146th member of the California Senate as early as Thursday.

Updated at 11:00 PM: With 100% of precincts reporting, Torres has maintained her lead, ending with just under 60% of the vote.

SD-04 Special Election goes to January Run-off

The SD-04 Special Election is headed to a January run-off after the final votes from the first round ended up giving former Senator Jim Nielsen just less than the 50% that he needed to win the race outright.

The final tally from the Secretary of State’s office was;

The run-off will be held January 8th.