Rod Wright Resignation Letter

Senator Wright

The Senate Journal from September 17th contained Senator Rod Wright‘s resignation letter (which went into effect on September 22nd).

September 15, 2014
Dear Mr. Schmidt:
Effective September 22, 2014, I hereby resign from the California State Senate.

Some thoughts about Wright’s letter;

  • Wright was the first since Senator John J. Benoit in 2009 to not mention his district number in his letter.
  • Wright’s letter was the shortest in recent history at 12 words, even shorter than Assemblyman Mike Duvall‘s 18-word resignation, and Pat Nolan‘s 13 words in 1994.
  • Wright’s letter was addressed to Secretary of the Senate Greg Schmidt, rather than the President Pro Tem (as nine of the last ten Senate resignations have done) or the Lieutenant Governor (as Mark Ridley-Thomas did).