California Politicians on US Currency

Every dead US President will be honored with an appearance on US currency through the “Presidential Dollar Coin Program.” But when else have people who appeared on the ballot in California appeared on American money? For the purposes of this article, we’re counting folks who have served since California statehood (in 1850) and only looking […]

Haters Gonna Haight

Last month, Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez called on the San Diego Unified School District to change the name of an elementary school named after Civil War General Robert E. Lee. In a letter, Gonzalez wrote that “Recent tragedies have revived the debate over confederate-related symbolism in our country,” and that “schools should be inclusive. If they’re named after a person, they […]

Politics Can Be Brutal: The Painful Life of Buron Fitts

Buron Fitts served 696 days as Lieutenant Governor, for which he is scarcely remembered. After his resignation in 1928, Governor C. C. Young appointed an equally anonymous H. L. Carnahan to fill the vacancy. What Fitts is remembered for, when he is remembered, is for the scandals from his time as Los Angeles County District Attorney. Fitts […]