Emmerson Resignation

The anticipated resignation of Senator Emmerson will change some of the recently compiled resignation statistics.

State Senator Bill Emmerson at the Capitol Ag Day (March 2012)

State Senator Bill Emmerson

These statistics will be accurate after December 1st.

  • The 2013-14 Session has seen the most Assembly resignations since 1966.
  • Emmerson’s resignation brings the total number of Senate resignations to five, making 2013 the Senate’s most resignation-heavy year in the past century. Other busy years were 1993 (with four resignations) and 1979 (with three).
  • Since 1849, there have been 72 resignations in the State Senate and 131 in the Assembly.
  • Only six individuals have resigned from the Legislature more than once:
    James W. Mandeville resigned from the State Senate twice(in 1857 and 1870)
    Jose M. Covarrubias resigned from the State Assembly twice (in 1850 and 1852)

    David A. Roberti resigned from the Assembly in 1971 and the Senate in 1992 (he remained in office; he was just switching seats)
    Frank Hill resigned from the Assembly in 1990 and the Senate in 1994.
    Curren D. Price resigned from the Assembly in 2009 and the State Senate in 2013.
    Bill Emmerson resigned from the Assembly in 2010 and the State Senate in 2013.

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