Redistricting. The Impact on Senate Representation

California Senate Districts for 2013-14, with orange representing two-Senator areas and white representing zero-Senator areas.

California Senate Districts for 2013-14, with orange representing two-Senator areas and white representing zero-Senator areas.

Another result of redistricting…

Because only the odd-numbered Senate districts will be up for election in 2012, the 2013-14 will see a combination of Senators representing both old and new districts. Those elected in 2010 (even-numbered districts) will continue to represent the districts that elected them. Those elected in 2012 (odd-numbered districts) will be representing the new maps drawn by either the Citizens Redistricting Commission (or a Special Master appointed by the California Supreme Court should the referendum qualify).

During the 2013-14 Legislative Session, the northern counties of Siskiyou and Shasta will be represented by two State Senators (Ted Gaines represents the 2011-drawn SD-01 and Doug La Malfa representing the 2001-drawn SD-04). Farther south, all of Mono County and large portions of Marin and Riverside County will fall outside of both the 2001 even districts and the 2011 odd districts.

In the map to the right, areas shaded in yellow indicate odd-numbered districts (elected 2012) while pink areas are even-numbered districts (using the old 2001 Senate Districts. Blank areas (shown in white) will not fall into any Senator’s district in 2013-14, while areas in orange will be represented by two Senators.

The Death of Senator Seaton

One minor mystery from California’s history has been solved.

A biographic note written by Winfield J. Davis in his History of Political Conventions in California, 1849-1892 indicated that State Senator George W. Seaton had died October 13, 1865 “in Yosemite”. It was unclear whether the Davis had meant that Seaton died while visiting the Yosemite Valley (in Mariposa County) or aboard the steamboat “Yosemite” (which had a boiler exploion on October 12, 1865 near Rio Linda, killing 55 passengers and crew).

An article located on Friday morning (“Will of George W. Seaton“, Sacramento Daily Union, Nov. 6, 1865) makes it clear that it was the boiler explosion that killed Seaton.

“Legislators of California” Wins National Award

Legislators of California by Alex VassarJoinCalifornia editor Alex Vassar’s book “The Legislators of California” was awarded a 2011 Notable Document Award by the National Conference of State Legislatures. The award was presented by the Legislative Reference Librarians staff section of the NCSL at its 2011 Annual Conference.

The Legislators of California, published in March 2011, explores the traits that mark both the similarities and differences among the 4,500 people who have served in California’s legislature since 1849.