Congressman Matthew G. Martinez died

Former Congressman Matthew Martinez, who represented AD-59 for the 1981-1982 session and was a member of Congress from 1982 to 2000, died October 15th at his home in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

LA Times Article: “Former Rep. Matthew G. ‘Marty’ Martinez dies at 82

The Death of Senator Seaton

One minor mystery from California’s history has been solved.

A biographic note written by Winfield J. Davis in his History of Political Conventions in California, 1849-1892 indicated that State Senator George W. Seaton had died October 13, 1865 “in Yosemite”. It was unclear whether the Davis had meant that Seaton died while visiting the Yosemite Valley (in Mariposa County) or aboard the steamboat “Yosemite” (which had a boiler exploion on October 12, 1865 near Rio Linda, killing 55 passengers and crew).

An article located on Friday morning (“Will of George W. Seaton“, Sacramento Daily Union, Nov. 6, 1865) makes it clear that it was the boiler explosion that killed Seaton.

Congressman Charles Gubser died

Former Congressman Charles S. Gubser, who served in elected offices from 1950-1974, died Saturday at his home in Fresno. He was 95.

Gubser was first elected to the State Assembly in 1950, serving in the 1951-52 Session, before serving in Congress from 1953-1974.