State Debt Clock

Banner - Capitol Christmas TreeI thought you might find this interesting.

The people from have created a page that shows the current size of the various state debts, including California.

As of this evening, they’re putting the debt for California’s state and local governments at $427,746,000,000. Not sure if that includes unfunded pensions, but it doesn’t sound that far off.

Correction: John Campbell resignation date

When State Senator John Campbell resigned in order to be sworn in as a Member of Congress, he wrote and signed his letter on December 7, 2005.

The letter wasn’t printed in the Senate Journal until January 4, 2006. This has led some sources, including us until this evening, to record the date of his resignation as having occurred in January.

However, because Governor Schwarzenegger had called the Special Election back on December 15th, it’s clear that it was vacant prior to January.

Recent Resignations

Just to recap:

Bob Filner

On September 1st, Doug La Malfa resigned from the State Senate (at the end of the legislative session) in preparation for being sworn into Congress.

On December 3rd, Bob Filner resigned from Congress to become Mayor of San Diego.

On January 2nd, Gloria Negrete McLeod and Juan Vargas resigned from the State Senate to become Members of Congress. On the same day, Tony Cardenas resigned from the L.A. City Council for Congress.