Right Place, Right Time

It has been quite a week for the State Senate.


On Wednesday, March 23rd, former Democratic State Senator (and current Congressional candidate) Lou Correa noticed a fire at an apartment complex in Santa Ana and, using a garden hose, had the fire mostly extinguished by the time the fire department arrived. He was credited with helping the seven people in the apartment escape to safety.

“Correa made a U-turn, parked his car, grabbed a garden hose, started applying water to the balcony, and yelled for the occupants in a unit in front of the fire to get out… Correa’s efforts enabled three woman and four children, all under 5, to escape their apartment safely, Concialdi said.”
Congressional candidate Lou Correa credited with rescuing seven from Santa Ana fire” by Scott Schwebke of the Orange County Register


Less than a week later, on Monday, March 28th, current Republican State Senator Andy Vidak stepped into traffic to keep a driver from traveling under a large tree that was about to fall into a road in downtown Sacramento.

“A driver considers herself lucky after a tree fell on her car at J Street near 33rd Street Monday evening. Things could have ended differently if it weren’t for the actions of a quick-thinking state lawmaker…”
Driver of car crushed by tree in Sac: I’m very lucky” on KCRA

Seriously, as someone who studies the history of the California State Legislature, it’s events like these that make me proud to help preserve these stories. If the State Senate had an award for outstanding service to Californians, these two would have earned it this week.

Senate Medal