SD32: Leon’s Mind-blowing Game-changer Delayed Again

The usual advice for keeping customers happy is to under-promise and over-deliver.

State Senate candidate Paul Leon

Paul Leon

From the Facebook posts made by the Paul Leon for Senate campaign in the past week, I can only assume that they either aren’t familiar with that advice or really do have something extraordinary in their back pocket:

  • March 25: “3 days until we blow your mind……..”

This got my attention. I’m always up for having my mind blown.

  • March 26: “2 days until we change the game…….”

Wow. By definition, changing the game is something that doesn’t happen very often; game-changers usually require the approval of the Legislature and/or the sign-off of the FPPC. I will definitely be checking back in two days from now.

  • March 27: “It happens tomorrow, are you ready?”

Yes! Yes! I’m ready!

  • March 28: “Today is the launch date. Are you ready? We are, but why not squeeze everything out it I can.”

I can hardly wait. But then later that same day…

  • March 28: “Everyone wants to know what’s happening today. In fact, with so much interest, I’m going to string it out just one more day. Trust me, it’s worth the wait.”

What? I was ready to have my mind blown and the game changed! But… if you insist that it’s worth waiting another day…

Two days later…

  • March 30: “Well you’re going to have to wait some more. Sorry, this time we had a technical difficulty. I know, I’m disappointed too, but it’s worth the wait. Have great Easter!”

What? Seriously? The Mind-blowing Game-changer had a technical difficulty? This had better be worth it.

To be continued…

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