Legislators as Republican Party Chair?

Jim Brulte

With the election this weekend of former State Senator Jim Brulte as Chair of the California Republican Party, I just wanted to take a quick look at other California legislators who have held leadership positions within the CRP.

They include:

  • State Senator William C. Norton (who served as Chairman in 1876)
  • U.S. Senator George Murphy (who served as Chair, 1953-54)
  • Congressman Alphonzo E. Bell Jr. (Chair 1956-58)
  • Assemblyman George W. Milias (who served as Chairman in 1958-1960)
  • Assemblyman (later Secretary of Defense) Caspar W. Weinberger (Vice Chairman of the California Republican Party, 1960-62)
  • State Senator Dennis Carpenter (who was Chair in 1969-71)
  • Lieutenant Governor Ed Reinecke (who served as Vice Chair, 1981-83 and as Chairman 1981-83)
  • Assemblyman (now Supervisor) Michael D. Antonovich (who served as Chairman in 1985)
  • Congressman Clair W. Burgener (Chair in 1985-1987)
  • Assemblyman Robert W. Naylor (who served as Chair in 1987-89)
    and finally
  • State Senator Jim Brulte (whose service started Sunday)

UPDATED 3/3/13 @ 4:19 PM to add Senator Carpenter to the list. Thank you to Candidate 5850 for that information!
UPDATED 3/4/13 @ 8:50 PM to add correct the dates for Antonovich and Burgener. Thank you to Chris Nguyen for that additional information!

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