Goodbye to the Upper House

Alex Vassar addresses the State Senate

Alex Vassar addresses the State Senate

After living an amazing adventure for the past five years, Wednesday will be my last as a Senate employee. Starting Thursday, I will begin working for Board of Equalization Member George Runner.

During Monday’s floor session, I was given the chance to share my thoughts on an amazing institution that I have loved working for. For all their faults (like the death of John Yule), California’s legislators have a long and proud history and these 4,500 individuals certainly deserves more credit than they have often been given.

In the words of my all-time favorite State Senator “I feel safe in asserting that it is both obvious and apparent that we, today, are the beneficiaries of the courageous past achievements of our forefathers in political liberty and political institutions… In our hands rests all that is precious in America… We are, you see, the trustees of the future. It is your high privilege to preserve the best in America, to improve it, and pass it on to posterity, your children and mine. We can, in honor and integrity, do no less.”

To my friends in the Senate and Assembly, thank you for taking the time to give me such an amazing experience. I will never forget it.

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