A Thought for the New Year

Banner - Cover 1942With the arrival of a new year, I wanted to share a quick but important thought with you. It comes from a note by Governor Culbert L. Olson introducing the 1942 California Blue Book.

The idea is this… We never know what tomorrow holds, but the lives we live today are our best opportunity to leave a historical statement about who we were as individuals and as state and nation. Everyone has heard about “Those that fail to learn from history…”, but it’s just as important to consider what lessons we’re leaving for those who will follow us in the decades ahead.

“Within the covers of this book lies the record of Democracy at work. It is a notable record, and one that every citizen of the great Commonwealth of California may read with pride… In a world torn with war brought on by those who would destroy this type of government, the issuance of the California Blue Book this year takes on particular significance. The war undoubtedly will bring changes. What those changes may be none can foretell. But whatever the changes, this book will remain the record of how men lived and governed themselves in pursuit of peace…”

Olson signature