Emmerson Resignation

The anticipated resignation of Senator Emmerson will change some of the recently compiled resignation statistics.

State Senator Bill Emmerson at the Capitol Ag Day (March 2012)

State Senator Bill Emmerson

These statistics will be accurate after December 1st.

  • The 2013-14 Session has seen the most Assembly resignations since 1966.
  • Emmerson’s resignation brings the total number of Senate resignations to five, making 2013 the Senate’s most resignation-heavy year in the past century. Other busy years were 1993 (with four resignations) and 1979 (with three).
  • Since 1849, there have been 72 resignations in the State Senate and 131 in the Assembly.
  • Only six individuals have resigned from the Legislature more than once:
    James W. Mandeville resigned from the State Senate twice(in 1857 and 1870)
    Jose M. Covarrubias resigned from the State Assembly twice (in 1850 and 1852)

    David A. Roberti resigned from the Assembly in 1971 and the Senate in 1992 (he remained in office; he was just switching seats)
    Frank Hill resigned from the Assembly in 1990 and the Senate in 1994.
    Curren D. Price resigned from the Assembly in 2009 and the State Senate in 2013.
    Bill Emmerson resigned from the Assembly in 2010 and the State Senate in 2013.

The Hollingsworth Succession Bill

Dennis Hollingsworth

Dennis Hollingsworth

Monday marks the fifth anniversary of the chaptering of SB 1530 (Hollingsworth), which added the offices of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, the Insurance Commissioner, and the Chair of the Board of Equalization to the Governor’s line of succession. Through the hard work of three Senate Fellows and an Executive Fellow, this bill added three constitutional officers into line just ahead of the Disaster Acting Governors, of whom only Earl Smittcamp remains. While it

In recognition of this anniversary, we would like to provide you with the full current line of succession to the Governor:

GovernorJerry Brown
Lt. GovernorGavin Newsom
Senate President pro TemporeDarrell Steinberg
Speaker of the AssemblyJohn A. Perez
Secretary of StateDebra Bowen
Attorney GeneralKamala Harris
TreasurerBill Lockyer
ControllerJohn Chiang
Superintendent of Public InstructionTom Torlakson
Insurance CommissionerDave Jones
Chair, Board of EqualizationJerome Horton
Disaster Acting Governor #1 – VACANT (last officeholder died 1999)
Disaster Acting Governor #2 – VACANT (last officeholder died 1970s)
Disaster Acting Governor #3 – VACANT (last officeholder died 1990s)
Disaster Acting Governor #4 – VACANT (last officeholder died 2011)
Disaster Acting Governor #5 – VACANT (last officeholder died 1990s)
Disaster Acting Governor #6Earl S. Smittcamp
Disaster Acting Governor #7 – VACANT (last officeholder died 1970s)

Additionally, the two other people whose offices could potentially allow them into the line of succession are;

Assembly Speaker Pro TemNora Campos (as the successor to the Speaker) and
Vice Chair of the Board of EqualizationMichelle Steel (as the successor to Chairman Horton)

Those we lost in 2012

As we again approach the end of the year, we wanted to take a moment to recognize the lives and contributions of those state and federal candidates and elected officials who died in 2012.

Senator Ayala

Ruben S. Ayala – State Senator (1974-1998)
Louis N. Desmond – Candidate for State Senate, 1958
Jim Lloyd – Congressman (1975-1981)

Norman S. Waters – Assemblyman (1977-1990)


Daniel Boatwright – State Senator (1981-1996), Assemblymember (1973-80)
Cathie M. Wright – State Senator (1993-2000), Assemblymember (1981-1992)

Assemblyman Holoman

Frank Holoman – Assemblymember (1973-1974)


Edward Vincent – State Senator (2001-2008), Assemblymember (1997-2000)

Mervyn M. Dymally – Lieutenant Governor (1975-1979), Congressman (1981-1993), State Senator (1967-1975), Assemblymember (1963-1966, 2003-2008)
George McGovern – Presidential Candidate, 1972


Barbara Alby – Assemblymember (1993-1998), Board of Equalization Member (2010)
R. Brian Kidney – Chief Clerk of the Assembly (1987-1991)
John P. Quimby -Assemblymember (1963-1974)