R. Brian Kidney (1930-2012)

R. Brian Kidney

R. Brian Kidney, retired Chief Clerk of the Assembly, died in Sacramento Saturday morning after succumbing to major injuries sustained in an automobile accident last month.

Kidney’s long legislative career spanned several Speakerships, from Jesse Unruh to Willie Brown. He served as Assistant Chief Clerk of the Assembly from 1965 to 1986, and his career culminated with his election as the nonpartisan Chief Clerk, serving from 1987 until his retirement in 1991.  The Chief Clerk is the parliamentarian of the house and is in charge of recording votes, publishing the house agenda, and a host of other administrative duties. Kidney was the last Chief Clerk to serve in the pre-term limits era.

According to his web site, rbriankidney.com, Kidney was an Air Force veteran and had a Master’s Degree from the University of San Francisco. After retiring from the Assembly, he advised emerging democracies (including Malawi, Namibia, South Africa and Hungary) on legislative institutions, and lobbied for The Gualco Group for several years. He was active in several civic groups, including the Rotary Club.

He will be missed by many of us in the Capitol community.

Those we lost in 2012

As we again approach the end of the year, we wanted to take a moment to recognize the lives and contributions of those state and federal candidates and elected officials who died in 2012.

Senator Ayala

Ruben S. Ayala – State Senator (1974-1998)
Louis N. Desmond – Candidate for State Senate, 1958
Jim Lloyd – Congressman (1975-1981)

Norman S. Waters – Assemblyman (1977-1990)


Daniel Boatwright – State Senator (1981-1996), Assemblymember (1973-80)
Cathie M. Wright – State Senator (1993-2000), Assemblymember (1981-1992)

Assemblyman Holoman

Frank Holoman – Assemblymember (1973-1974)


Edward Vincent – State Senator (2001-2008), Assemblymember (1997-2000)

Mervyn M. Dymally – Lieutenant Governor (1975-1979), Congressman (1981-1993), State Senator (1967-1975), Assemblymember (1963-1966, 2003-2008)
George McGovern – Presidential Candidate, 1972


Barbara Alby – Assemblymember (1993-1998), Board of Equalization Member (2010)
R. Brian Kidney – Chief Clerk of the Assembly (1987-1991)
John P. Quimby -Assemblymember (1963-1974)

Barbara Alby (1946-2012)

Barbara Alby

Assemblymember Barbara Alby, who served six years in the Legislature and one as a Member of the Board of Equalization Member, died this morning. Alby’s career included service as Chief Deputy to Board of Equalization Member Bill Leonard, as well as high-ranking positions within the Republican Party as Vice-President of the California Republican Assembly (1988-1991) and Republican National Committeewoman for California (1996-2008).