Recent Projects and Research

Apologies for the lack of articles on recently!

We’ve been working on a couple projects recently and haven’t had as much time to dig into the archives.

  1. I was keeping an eye on the 2015 End of Session and looking at what bills needed to be added to legislator biographies. There were definitely a couple.
  2. Alex Vassar with Secretary of State Padilla

    On September 9th, I attended an event hosted by California Secretary of State Alex Padilla that featured a reading of a portion of the State Constitution and a very rare display of the original 1849 California State Constitution.

  3. In addition to working on small updates and fixes in the database and beginning to research biographies that will be added after the 2016 Primary, I’ve been working on improving a secondary database that’s used to track the service of state legislators.
  4. Using the secondary database I mentioned above, I’m putting the final touches on a soon-to-be-released document about the California Legislature that should answer some common questions.

    California Legislative Facts & Stats

    The booklet is currently called “California Legislative Facts & Statistics” but I’m hoping to have a better title worked out by the time it goes live on October 1st.


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