San Luis Obispo Highways

Senator Vernon L. Sturgeon Memorial Highway

Driving through San Luis Obispo County last weekend, I stopped to photograph several places and things named for California Legislators. The most easily visible was the Senator Vernon L. Sturgeon Memorial Highway.

Vernon Sturgeon


Named for a local State Senator who served two terms before serving as Legislative Secretary for Governor Reagan, the highway is the much traveled Highway 101 (between Paso Robles and Atascadero).

Sturgeon died in 2004, and the highway was named in his honor in 2006.


Connecting with Sturgeon’s highway is the Eric Seastrand Memorial Highway, located on State Route 46 (between Highway 1 on the coast and Highway 101 at Paso Robles). Seastand served eight years in the State Assembly until he died in office in 1990. His wife, Andrea Seastrand, won the 1990 election to take his seat and served two terms before being elected to Congress in 1994.

The highway was named in Seastrand’s memory in 1993.


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