Women of the Year

One of the interesting trends in the election this year was that four former Assembly “Women of the Year” were running for the Assembly themselves.

It wouldn’t be the first time that a Woman of the Year has been elected to the Legislature; seven women have won legislative seats after being honored at the Women of the Year event since the program was started in 1987.

The results for the four “Women of the Year”

  • Sherry Hodges (1995) was a Republican candidate for AD-76. She won.
  • Mary England (1999) was a Republican candidate for AD-79. She won.
  • Marie Waldron (2006 & 2011) was a Republican candidate for AD-75. She won.
  • Susan Eggman (2011) was a Democratic candidate for AD-13. She won.


The seven state legislators who received the award before winning legislative seats are Betty Karnette (1987), Liz Figueroa (1989), Patty Berg (1992), Karen Bass (1993), Jenny Oropeza (1993), Janice C. Leja (1995), and Bonnie Garcia (1997). Two other legislators were honored after leaving office; Marian Bergeson (1998) and Patricia Bates (2009).

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