Interesting Biographical Notes from the 2015 Assembly Handbook

Reading through the 2015 Assembly Handbook tonight, I noticed a few points of interest in the member biographies. Among them:

  1. Assemblyman Luis Alejo‘s wife’s named was changed from Karina Cervantes to Karina Cervantes Alejo between 2014 and 2015.
  2. Assemblywoman Catharine Baker – Her biography lists her birthplace “Native Californian, born in Palm Springs“. Her official biography online says  “Catharine is a native Californian, born and raised in Cathedral City.”
  3. Assemblyman Bill Brough – Brough provided his birthplace in the Handbook for the first time that I had seen; “Middletown, CT”
  4. Assemblyman Ian Calderon – In his 2014 biography, Calderon described his work history as “Field Representative, Assembly Member Roger Hernandez (2010-12); State Senator Ed Hernandez (2007-10)” while the 2015 handbook says “Field Representative, former Assembly Member Warren Furutani (2011-12); State Senator Ed Hernandez (2007-10).”
  5. Assemblywoman Ling-Ling Chang – Various sources, including Wikipedia set Chang’s birthday as July 25. The handbook provides it as July 24th.
  6. Assemblyman Jim Cooper – I had read that he was born in France, but never had been able to find the city. The Handbook lists it as Verdun.
  7. Assemblyman James Gallagher – Similarly, I had never seen Gallagher’s actual date of birth listed before (although the year had been). He was born March 4th.

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