Fmr. Congressman Frank Riggs in the News

While reading the news this morning, I stumbled on an article in the LA Times about former California congressman Frank D. Riggs.

Arizona swiftly adopts law mandating high school civics test
High school students have their hands full worrying about passing core math, science and English classes to graduate. In Arizona, a new requirement has been added to their load, a civics test with questions like this one: Who was president during the Great Depression and World War II?…

“We are asserting and promoting the idea that our high school students should at a minimum be able to pass the test that immigrants must also pass,” said Frank Riggs, president and chief executive of the Scottsdale-based Joe Foss Institute, which has been pushing for the testing requirement around the country. “It is a common-sense thing to have a base line for everyone,” the former congressman from California and unsuccessful gubernatorial candidate in Arizona said Friday.
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