Q: How long was the California legislature’s longest single “day” of session?

A: In 2009, the Senate had a session that lasted for 45 hours and 30 hours.

DYK: Hollywood Stars

Did you know that seven JoinCalifornia candidates have stars on the Hollywood Walk? They are;
Mike Curb (Lt. Governor), Albert Dekker (Assemblyman), Helen Gahagan Douglas (Member of Congress), George Murphy (US Senator), Ronald Reagan (Governor & President), Arnold Schwarzenegger (Governor), and Shirley Temple (Congressional candidate).

DYK: Highest ASM Vote Count

The highest vote count for a State Assemblymember was in 2008,when Ted Gaines won with 166,736 votes. His high count was a combination of a district whose population had grown faster than any other since the last redistricting and being the only candidate on the ballot.