Those we lost in 2015

In 2015, we said good-bye to a number of notable elected officials, including Don Edwards, whose work preserving the San Francisco Bay coast is easily visible today and Dick Mountjoy, a central figure in the Assembly speakership battle of 1995.

2015 also saw the demise of the Americans Elect political party, which lived for four years and only had one candidate appear on the ballot; Lieutenant Governor candidate Alan Reynolds who appeared on the 2014 Primary ballot. Americans Elect was born as a fascinating democratic experiment, but never lived up to the promise.

So long, friends…

Don H. Clausen – County Supervisor (1955-1962), Member of Congress (1963-1983)
Americans Elect – Ballot-Qualified Political Party (2011-2015)

William P. “Bill” Campbell – Assemblyman (1967-1976), State Senator (1976-1992)

Dick Mountjoy – State Assemblyman (1978-1995), State Senator (1995-2000)

Hugo Fisher – State Senator (1959-1962), Superior Court Judge (1966-1983)

Don Edwards – Member of Congress (1963-1994)

Larry Chimbole – Mayor, State Assemblyman (1974-1978)