Jones-Sawyer: Longest Legislator Name Ever?

Finally, the answer to a question that probably only three or four people have ever wondered… is Reginald Byron Jones-Sawyer Sr. the legislator with the longest name ever?


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Well, kind of. Using his full name, Jones-Sawyer’s 28 characters come in as the easy winner. The second-longest legislator name belonged to Juanita Millender-McDonald (25 characters).

The issue is this; the Assemblyman actually uses the 18-character “Reggie Jones-Sawyer.” The shorter version of his name falls a bit farther down the list (being 120th doesn’t carry quite the prestige of #1).

You can decide for yourself.

  • Some recent legislators and their name lengths:
    Negrete McLeod, Gloria (19 characters)
    Villaraigosa, Antonio (19 characters)
    Ducheny, Denise Moreno (19 characters)
    Hollingsworth, Dennis (19 characters)
    Jackson, Hannah-Beth (18 characters)
    Jones-Sawyer, Reggie (18 characters)

UPDATED 9/9/2013: Michael Lynch of Assemblyman Jones-Sawyer’s office has provided me with one of his boss’s business cards, which does indeed list the longer version of the name.

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