State Senate Resignations

Less than six months into the 2013-14 Legislative Session and there have already been three resignations in the State Senate (Senators Negrete McLeod and Vargas in January and Senator Rubio in February).

The three resignations, with another possible in June (Curren D. Price), would make make the 2013 tie 1993 as the Senate’s most resignation-heavy year in the past century.

Four Senate Resignations

  • 1993: Royce, Thompson, Morgan and Deddeh

Three Senate Resignations

  • 2013: Negrete McLeod, Vargas and Rubio
  • 1979: Deukmejian, Smith and Zenovich


Additionally, 2010 saw a total of four vacancies with the resignations of Senators Maldonado and Runner as well as the deaths of Senators Oropeza and Cox.

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