Why We Can’t Just Erase Election Results

Just some of the books we’ve used to bring you this website.

Although it’s not perfect [our recent 2000GE election data error is evidence enough], I work hard to ensure that the election data and biographies on the JoinCalifornia.com website are as accurate and complete as possible. I wanted to share this with you just to reassure you that we take seriously the accuracy and integrity of the information we provide.

A few weeks ago, I received an email from an individual (whose name appears on JoinCalifornia). This person (whose name I am removing to protect their privacy) said:

On 11/25/2012 6:18 AM, [Candidate X wrote] wrote:
I am the only [Candidate X] in the US and I did not run as a Libertarian. I ran ad a Humanist. Please rove my name immediately.
[Candidate X]

I finally got around to responding this afternoon:

Good Morning [Candidate X],

According to the Statement of Vote for the 19** General Election, there was a candidate named [Candidate X] who ran as a Libertarian in the Assembly District ** special election that year. The statement of vote is an official government publication and is available in many libraries around the state, which you can use to verify the information on this website. If it was not you who ran as a Libertarian in 1988, then it appears that there is (in fact) another individual named [Candidate X].

Additionally, the Humanist Party has never been a ballot-qualified party in California and has never had its own candidates appear on the ballot in this state. Having researched in 2008 (when you first emailed us) your claim that the information on the website is incorrect, I can assure you that it is an accurate reflection of the information contained in the records at the California State Archives.

Finally, the election results data on our website has been transcribed as perfectly as possible from official sources (including the Statements of Vote, California Blue Books, and California Legislature handbooks). To either remove a candidate (or change the name of a candidate to reflect something other than what appears on the ballot) would both provide an incorrect reflection of what happened in that particular election, doing a disservice to both the general public and historical researchers who use this website.

For all of the above reasons, we will not be removing this name from our database.

Alex Vassar
Editor, JoinCalifornia.com

We always appreciate those who trust the One Voter Project websites as a resource and as always, we will work hard to continue earning your confidence.

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