“California’s Legislature” wins NCSL Award

The 2011 Edition of California's Legislature, a publication of the Assembly Chief Clerk's Office.

The 2011 Edition of California’s Legislature, a publication of the Assembly Chief Clerk’s Office.

The book California’s Legislature (2011 ed.) has won a 2012 Notable Document Award from the National Conference of State Legislatures. The award, presented annually by the Legislative Research Librarians, was awarded on August 8th. The 2011 publication of California’s Legislature, compiled by Brian S. Ebbert and Russell C. Tomas, is the latest version of a 70-year publication that has become one of the best and most widely used reference sources about the California Legislature. This year’s contest featured 45 submissions from 11 states.

We are very proud of our colleagues, particularly the outstanding team who worked on this publication; Dotson Wilson, Renee Autar, David Bowman, Jaci Delight, Brian Ebbert, Felisa Enriquez, Heather Hamp, Amy Leach, Katie Lewis, Lia Lopez, Tim Morland, Erica Oropeza, Sue Parker, Xochitl Rodriguez, Russell Tomas, and Ilene Twilligear. Congratulations to all of you.

For those interested in reading this award-winning book, it is available in print or online.

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