Merv Evans for…

Merv Evans with Jerry Brown

Friday marks the 59th birthday for Mervin Evans, one of California’s prolific candidates for public office.

In the two decades since he began running, Evans has sought election to statewide office (4 times), the State Assembly (5 times), State Senate (just once), Congress (8 times), and U.S. Senate (three times in two states), while running for local office in Los Angeles six times as well.

Running for so many offices can be confusing; the title bar on his website [] currently reads “Mervin Evans for State Assembly” while the banner at the top of the page clearly indicates that Evans is running for Congress in District 37.

Evans runs similar campaigns in each election, focusing on the core issues of stopping child molesters and bear poachers while protecting the Second Amendment and expanding services for military veterans. Evans faces another tough race this year, running against Congresswoman (and former Assembly Speaker) Karen Bass for the seat she first won in 2010.

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