Legislative History Award

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State History Award

On September 9th of each year (the anniversary of California statehood), the One Voter Project recognizes individuals who have contributed to a better public understanding of the history of California’s public institutions.

  • Russell C. TomasCalifornia State Assembly (2012)
    As the Chief Editor of the 2011 edition of California’s Legislature, Russell Tomas played a central role in producing the latest edition of one of the most commonly-referenced books at the Capitol. Tomas also serves an important role in the daily life of the Legislature, tracking bills and editing the Assembly Daily File. His work promotes a greater understanding of the California Legislature are appreciated.
  • David Wilkening – California State Senate (2013)
    During the forty years he worked for the State Senate, David Wilkening served the institution in a number of important positions, including nearly twenty years as Director of the Senate Office of Floor Analyses. He led several important initiatives that led to a more transparent legislative process, including the development of several Senate Rules that slowed the process for amending bills to provide more opportunity for public comment. In addition to his official duties, Wilkening also established himself as one of the foremost experts on California’s legislative history, writing extensively on the subject.
  • (2014)