Dr. Timothy Alan Hodson (1950-2011)

“If your parents don’t vote, tell them that they’re idiots.” – Tim Hodson’s instructions to high school students at an event in October 2008.

The Director of the Center for California Studies, Tim Hodson, died this morning in Sacramento. In addition to his service at the Center, Hodson been a member of California’s Fair Political Practices Commission and a long-time State Senate staffer.

A year and a half ago, Hodson asked me to run a list of the legislators who had served during the years that he worked in the Senate and at the Center. The updated total (through today) was 551 legislators including;

  • 90% of the women who have ever served in the legislature.
  • 85% of the members who have served since the legislature became full-time in 1967.

Hodson was a mentor to many in the Capitol community, including the Editor of this website. His advice and insight will be missed.


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