Best Parody Twitter Accounts of the Capitol

Humans are human. It’s because of this that life in and around the California capitol has inspired some great comedy over the years. In recent years, some of the best comedy has come in the form of real-time tweets from a handful of parody accounts by people in and around the Building. This isn’t a comprehensive […]

Behold! The 2016 California’s Legislature has Arrived!

There is exciting news this week in the world of California legislative publications that you can get for free (admittedly, as a resident, this world isn’t that large)… the arrival of the 2016 edition of California’s Legislature from the Assembly Chief Clerk’s office. The core of the book is the hundreds of pages of in-depth information […]

Close 2nd Place Finishes

Under the Top Two Primary, it’s the battle between 2nd and 3rd place that is usually the most closely-watched. Here are the 11 races where 2nd and 3rd place are separated by fewer than 1000 votes. Close 2nd Place Finishes (as of 6/10/16 at 7:22 AM) CD-53    Veltmeyer trails Ash by 126 votes. CD-32    Hernández […]